Thursday, March 29, 2012


Christmas was just around the corner and my dad asked me to make a necklace for my cousin, his Goddaughter.

This necklace would be the first necklace I would make for someone else and the first necklace I would name.  This necklace had a story because, the necktie I was making it with had a story.

Just over two years ago, my dad wore this tie as he walked along side his sister's casket as she entered the ceremony that would celebrate her life.

This tie adorned his neck as he stood in front of the church and read the letters his sister wrote to her children.

And, this tie was one of the many breast cancer ties that made up the sea of pink that brightened the church on a cold January day. 

This tie held the memories of my Aunt Lou's story. 

And now, it was being used to make a necklace for her daughter.

From the beginning I knew that this necklace was to be named after my Aunt Lou, my Godmother.

As I looked up the meaning of her name, tears rushed my eyes as I learned what I had known all along.  Louise meant famous warrior. And a warrior my father's sister was.  She fought a long lasting battle with grace and strength and has brought our family closer together because of her valiant fight.   

She was a true and famous warrior, and I pray that her daughter rejoices in her mother's strength each time she ties this necklace close to her heart.


  1. love this post. the story makes your lovely necklaces so very meaningful. wishing un.tied all the best!

  2. You continue to amaze me Theresa. So proud of you, your writings, and your new un.tied creations. Love you, Mom

  3. Oh my gosh Theresa...Your dad, mom, and Tammy told me the story at Christmas when I opened it and I can't tell you how amazing this gift is and how it will be a cherished Heirloom forever. Thank you for your creative grace that you have shared with me and with the world in your new adventures. It has touched my heart and always will. Thank you a million times over. Love you!!